After drawing the gun with the holster still attached

“This is why you test your gear before trusting your life to it”

-Ben T.


I took the basic pistol course as a precursor to getting my Concealed Carry License. This course taught me everything I need to know about the different parts of most pistols and revolvers, how to safely handle a pistol or revolver, as well as maintenance recommendations to keep my gun in the best possible condition. I learned more in one day at this course than I could have in weeks just studying all of this information on my own. Jehremie was able to answer all of the questions that I had during the course, and he was more than happy to go into more details whenever I was unclear on any particular topic. I definitely recommend going to White Hat Firearms for any of the courses they offer!

– Alicia H.


The class was great. Informative and covered lots of info. The ability to handle different firearms and see what work for the individual was Awesome. Totally changed my preference when I tried others.!! And I feel “safe” handling my gun now as well…

– Lilyan L.