Referral Program

Referrals cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or package deals offered without prior approval of White Hat Firearms. Referrals will only be paid out for students paying for a course at full price.

What is the Referral Program?
The referral program is designed to reward those that are helping bring new students to White Hat Firearms by providing a 25% referral bonus back to the referring person or by providing a student with a 25% discount on any course purchased for their first class. The referral amount can be receiving in the form of a check or in the form of credit toward other courses offered.

How Does it Work?
When a person refers a new student to White Hat Firearms and provides them with either a referral code or a referral name the referring person is eligible for either a 25% referral reward on the cost of the new students first class or can ‘give back’ the referral reward in the form of a 25% discount for the students course purchase. We do not ‘split’ the amount (ex. 15% referral reward and 10% discount) at this time. Once the student has paid for their first class the referral is complete. No additional classes taken by the student are eligible for referral rewards at this time.

How do I get involved?
We encourage former students of White Hat Firearms courses to tell their friends and family about their experience and to help further the shooting sports by referring new students to take courses at White Hat Firearms. All that is needed from the referring party is for them to fill in the referral program form with their contact information so that when a new student is referred using their name or program ID that we will be able to send them a check for the referral amount or to verify that the referred student is to be given the discounted rate.

Do I have to be a former student of White Hat Firearms?
No, though we do prefer it. Our business is based on the desire to provide an excellent learning experience and we love to have current and former students spread the word about our classes and instructors.


Student A presents a card with Person B’s referral ID on it when signing up for a course. If Student A is signing up for a Basic Pistol Course for $100 then a check will be sent to Person B upon full payment completion of the course in the amount of $25.

Student A works with Student B, C, and D. Student A signs up for the course before anyone else and sets up a referral account. Students B, C, and D sign up and use Student A’s referral code. If all students pay full price for the course at $100 then at the completion of the course Student A will receive a check for $75 ($25 each for Students B, C, and D).