New Range Build

Our plans for a storefront got put on hold shortly after we had started working on retail information and suppliers. Primarily the sources of supplies has dried up for new vendors. With the latest ‘scare’ by the government to take away arms from civilians there has resulted a massive surge in sales. Distributors have not been able to keep up with the volume of orders coming in. The secondary reason was that we came into ownership of a large tractor that was going to be a great help in building a new range at our property. It wasn’t much to look at to start.



After a few weeks of work and a lot of parts, wiring, lights, and elbow grease we got her running like a champ and ready to dig!



Which leads us to getting it moved out to the range and started some work out there.

The backstop was originally large enough to handle two small lanes of shooters, and was at a downward angle of about 2 degrees. We have been using the farm tractor up to this point to maintain the berm and it has a reach of about 6 feet of height and we were having to drive up the berm to get dirt any higher. Now the Case can reach 12 feet easily and with the backhoe we can reach even higher without issue.

So now the range has been torn up but before long the end result will be much nicer than before. For now though here are some pics of the progress. The current height is in the 10′ range as it stands. It will get taller as we get the area completely cleared and the top soil leveled. Each ‘Day’ is about 2 hours of work since the day job must come first and it leaves little time to get to the range and work. Hopefully after this next weekend it will get a lot of work done on it.


This was the start of the berm on Day 3 of work.

011613_2112_newrangebui3 011613_2112_newrangebui4



The berm at the end of work for Day 3.


This was a stand of trees to the left that will be turned into the left 4 lanes. The berm will be widened to around 25 yards of width and will have a grade of 5 degrees. The backstop will be over 16 feet in height and the side berms will be around 12.

The end result should look something like this.


Until it is done we will still be using it for classes. Don’t hesitate to call us for a class. It may not be as grass covered and green as before but it sure is safer!